Buzz was my musical group during the 1970's. Bonnie came up with name after Buzz Aldrin made his historic steps on the moon on July 20, 1969. Featuring songs that I had written, arranged and produced during those years. I have provided some film clips of the bands rehearsal along with some mp3 files of songs produced at home, the Record Plant Recording Studios in NYC and the Village Recording Studios in West LA, California

At Home

The recodings at home usually included Bonnie Goodman and Andy Levy - although, many musicians would stop by and join in.

The Recording Studios

The Record Plant recordings were produced by Artie Kornfeld, Don Rubin, featuring, Bonnie and Ken Asher on keyboards, Matt Goldberg sat in on bass for "You Got the Magic" Andy Levy and Hugh McCraken played guitar and Alan Schwatzberg played drums while Shelly Yakus engineered.

The Village Studios in West LA were produced by Don Rubin with Denny Sewell, who performed and recorded with Paul McCartney's Wings, played drums. Bonnie was on the keyboards with Andy on the guitar.

There is also video footage of the group preparing for a showcase at the Troubadour and the Improve in Hollywood. We added Rickie Eckstein on the Drums and Dean Rubin on the percussion.